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When I was three years old, I told my parents (I imagine quite precociously) that I wanted to be an actor. I had just watched a VHS tape of “The Children of Theater Street” - a documentary about a Russian ballet academy - and I’m not sure how 3-year-old me made the leap from ballet to acting, but clearly I was drawn to the stage. However, growing up in upstate New York, there were limited artistic opportunities. When I was ten, my family moved to Northern Virginia (or as I quickly learned: NoVa), where I joined a wonderful children’s community theater and performed in musicals throughout middle and high school.


I didn’t take my first acting class until my freshman year of college. But what a life changer that class was! We learned about Stanislavski, Anton Chekhov, and Michael Chekhov under the caring and supportive guidance of Professor Sarah Dixon. And something clicked for me. As I learned more about acting, I was also set on a journey to learn more about storytelling and the importance of storytelling. 


As an actor, I usually play quirky/awkward characters, warm moms, or difficult (aka bitchy) brunettes. As a writer my favorite stories are character-driven and connection-focused with strong female leads (because I don’t think ladies have gotten to have enough fun on screen or on stage!). 

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